The Struggle to Retain Key Employees just got Easier.

To my Business Owner friends and those that know and love Business Owners.  We all know the daily challenge in attracting and keeping high quality employees, especially key employees who are the engines of success. 

One way to emphasize the importance and value of a key employee’s value to your organization is to recognize their value through Life Insurance.  Sounds crazy, right?  But hear me out, at least for some basics and if you would like to explore how this could help your business give me a call or drop me a line.

Economic benefit of Split Dollar Life Insurance Plans, A Fantastic Example of Win-Win!

  • A life insurance plan that inures to the benefit of both Employers and Employees.
  • Can be applied on a person by person basis. Employers can freely offer and choose specific employees to participate, or not. Gotta like that part.  No IRS requirement or interference!
  • Maximum impact with moderate funding.
  • Sincerely appreciated by Employees.
  • A potential safety net for Employers.
  • Long term value.
  • Most often a tax free benefit.

So, all of this sounds pretty darn good, doesn’t it?

Far from magic.  This type of program has been around for years.  But, especially now, employees are looking for those compelling elements that indicate appreciation, create value, demonstrate the employer cares about their well being, and…is nothing but spectacular should the employee at some point become uninsurable.  Not important unless it becomes the most important, right?   I can answer that, RIGHT.  Plus, as an employer you get unbelievable bang for your employee retention buck! 

Need to find out more about Split Dollar Life Insurance?  You don’t have to be a current client to work with an expert at Integrated Planning Strategies. 

  • The information is free, HERE.

There is no charge to speak with our principal, Mr. Jordan Tobin at 314.489.4019 to obtain a quote on a split dollar policy for one or more of your key employees.

You can buy BIG $$$$ benefit and value for $.  We will show you how.

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