Seems like every time you turn around…

There is a financial guru hawking a new product, a get rich quick scheme, how to secretly avoid taxes, blah, blah, blah. You know, the same come-ons you have heard for years. But in a nice sort of way! One thing is for sure, at Integrated Planning Strategies we are conservative in our approach and exceptionally liberal with presenting sound ideas for your consideration. Informed money decisions are the best decisions. They eliminate buyer’s remorse and perform exactly as expected! Eliminating surprises with your money is the best way to a good night’s sleep. Wouldn’t you agree?!

In this issue of Cabbage Patch we will present a great way to protect and pass on your legacy, ensure your money is safe, make the most efficient selections for tax considerations and most importantly make sure you have enough money for a complete and satisfying retirement. The video portion of this post lasts 5 minutes and may be the most enlightening video you have ever watched. It is part of our Safe Money Places series. It is plain talk, about your money, your choices, with no particular bias or specific company recommendation. It is what our clients appreciate, a straightforward, frank discussion of their needs, their desires and actual future opportunities.

Watch the vid.  And if your current adviser has not presented you with a Single Premium Life Insurance opportunity, please give us a call. Perhaps it is a fit for you. There is no fee to speak with an Integrated Planning Strategies Professional. No question is too rudimentary.  No answer is taken for granted. We look forward to our conversation. 314.489.4019. It’s that easy.

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